Plywood Laminate with Blockboard

Plywood laminate is decorative laminate sheets which glued over plywood to form a protective and decorative surface. Plywood laminate normally will stick on the blockboard are commonly use for customise built in cabinet.
  • It is available in numerous designs, patterns, colours and textures.
  • Lighter in weight as compared to Melamine.
  • Stiffer and resist the bending in middle, they are majorly used for making long pieces.
  • Have good dimensional stability when exposed to humidity and thus resists cracking.
  • 5) More strength and durability as compared to MDF and Melamine.
  • Plywood laminate more expensive that melamine.
  • It is difficult to be recycled.
  • To lay the plywood laminate on top of blockboard may have sharp edging and obvious gap if the workmanship is rough! Must see the skillful workmanship on doing this!